24v Desulfator Installation For A 24v Solar Battery Bank

24V Desulfator Installation For A 24V Solar Battery Bank

All solar batteries degenerate in performance and lifespan from a process called sulfation. Sulfation is a build-up of an insulating layer of spongy sulfate crystals which occurs whenever a battery discharges. The life of the battery or active material become lodged in an unusable crystalline form. The process reverses whenever the batteries are charged. However, since the amount of time where a battery is discharging is higher than when it is charged, over time the sulfate crystals harden and cannot return as active material even with charging. A customer from Canada, Joseph Wong, recently sent us images of his installation of four 24V Infinitum Desulfators on his 24V solar battery bank made up of eight 12V batteries. We see here four parallel rows of two 12V batteries in series. One 24V desulfator is installed on every two 12V batteries in series. 

Below is the image of the actual installation, an illustration of that installation, an example of a 48V battery bank setup with 24V Infinitum Desulfators as well as a snapshot of his comment on this article in which he mentioned that there was an apparent improvement after using the desulfators for three weeks.

This is the transcript of the above Facebook post for easier reading:
I set up a battery bank for my solar system a few years ago and recently I found that the capacity drops a lot. I found out this is the problem of sulphation in the Ni-Cad AGM batteries so 3 weeks ago I bought 4 Infinitum Desulfators for my 4 sets of battery in my system. It is very simple to use and maintenance-free too. Their tech support is very professional and excellent. They guide you step by step to ensure you can get the result you want. After the ongoing desulphation of the batteries for 3 weeks while the system is still running, I can apparently see the difference compared with a few weeks ago, however, it still takes time to recover the whole system back to or close to the original state but I definitely recommend the product if you want to maintain your 12V Ni-Cad batteries to the optimal stage and prolong the battery life. You can also use this device in your car battery too. Excellent product.

Click here to view other installation combinations

Update on  April 4, 2019:

Joseph sent us an image of the battery test he conducted recently. Though he did not measure the readings before the installation, you can see that the internal resistance is a low 3.94 milliohms which indicate that his batteries are in good condition with little to no sulfation buildup. 

B-1: 3.90 milliohms 
B-2: 4.04 milliohms 
B-3: 3.70 milliohms
B-4: 3.74 milliohms
B-5: 3.78 milliohms
B-6: 4.02 milliohms
B-7: 3.96 milliohms
B-8: 3.68 milliohms

The SOH of all batteries are 100%

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