100 Infinitum Desulfators Bound For Solar Project In Manokwari, Indonesia

100 Infinitum Desulfators Bound For Solar Project In Manokwari, Indonesia

A solar street lamp installed in 2012

We received an order for 100 12V Infinitum Desulfators for yet another solar street light installation in Papua, Indonesia. In the first Papua solar street light project spanning a period of one year from June 2012, 800 solar street lights were installed in several towns in this easternmost part of Indonesia. Each street light was powered by a 12V 100AH battery with our desulfators installed.

Following on the success of the initial projects, the Indonesian government decided to extend the use of this form of street lighting made even more eco-friendly by the optimized battery life span, to Manokwari, the capital city of the province of West Papua. With an initial installation of 100 street lights, this city is headed towards a greener and cleaner environment, essential to its tourist-driven economy.

The compact nature of the product meant that the entire order could fit snugly in a small box ready for its dispatch with DHL Express. No individual packaging was provided as seen here to facilitate faster installation on arrival.

The solar street light’s battery with the Infinitum Desulfator, seen here installed above the battery.

A Customised Order For Ring Lugs

All 100 units were delivered with customised ring lugs instead of the regular fork lugs, seen in the above image. 

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