Double the lifespan
of your batteries

Double the lifespan
of your batteries

The remedy to the #1 cause of premature battery failure

Proven technology used in over 120 countries since 2006
for various applications:

  • Car batteries
  • Motorcycle batteries
  • Solar batteries
  • Marine batteries
  • and more!

Sulfation Is The #1 Worldwide Cause Of Premature Battery Failure

1 %

“84% batteries die prematurely
from sulfation”
~ Battery Council International

What is sulfation?

Sulfation is the lead sulfate crystal build up on lead plates of batteries, resulting in less usable active material, essential to battery lifespan.

What is the impact?

Batteries end up dying long before the end of their designed lifespan, resulting with your hard earned money down the drain!

The Proven Remedy For Sulfation

The Infinitum Battery Desulfator


Why Desulfators & How You Benefit

“It just makes sense!
You save your hard earned money as well as the environment!”

Get up to 3X battery service life

Electrical pulses shatter & remove lead sulfate crystals, maximising its lifespan & performance.

Save your hard earned money​

Lower the frequency of battery change. Payback within one battery change.

Save the earth​

Reducing the rate of battery disposal means less disposal of hazardous lead and sulphuric acid.

Optimises efficient storage capacity

Prevents lead sulfate crystallisation in new batteries. Prevents damage to lead plates due to lead sulfate crystal buildup.

Revives 'dead' or junked batteries

Revives most dead batteries when used in parallel with a charger.

Lowers operating temperature

The degree of battery discharge increases with temperature whether in use or storage. With a lower operating temperature, less evaporation occurs.

What others have to say

Why Infinitum Desulfators?

Infinitum Desulfators are the most robust in the market,
providing the unrivalled value through its years of worry-free service life,
in the harshest conditions.

If the proven results & satisfied customers in 120 countries the past many years weren’t enough, our desulfators come with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. Simply return the unit to us for a full refund.

Two Models, Multiple Applications


  • Automotive batteries
  • Motorbike batteries
  • Marine batteries
  • Jetski, quadbikes batteries
  • Snowmobile, ATV batteries
  • Truck, RV batteries
  • Electric golf carts & trolleys
  • Electric cars & scooters
  • Electric bicycles
  • Electric wheelchairs
  • Scissor lifts
  • Battery-powered floor scrubbers
  • Earthship / off-grid battery banks
  • UPS battery banks
  • DC systems of electrical substations
  • Telecommunication hubs
  • Wind farm storage systems
  • Solar farm storage systems
  • Back-up system battery banks
  • DC starting systems of generators

Battery Types

  • Lead acid batteries
  • SLA batteries
  • AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries
  • Gel batteries
  • Deep cycle batteries
  • Maintenance-free batteries (dry batteries)
  • Calcium-calcium
  • Calcium-silver
  • Lead-calcium, or
  • Lead-antimony batteries and more
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Robert Swan OBE


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